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Men hold an envelope filled with money over the desk in a business meeting. Fort Lauderdale criminal defense attorney for fraud and scheme to defraud criminal charges in South FloridaFacing criminal charges for organized scheme to defraud crimes in South Florida can be an overwhelming experience. As a white collar crime, the potential consequences are serious. If you’re under investigation or arrested for an organized scheme to defraud crime in Florida, we’re here to help.

We’ve helped many other people in the same situation you are in right now. In fact, organized fraud is one of Florida’s most prosecuted fraud crimes. You must find a trusted criminal defense attorney immediately to protect your rights. 

What is an Organized Scheme to Defraud Crime in South Florida?

An organized scheme to defraud crime is considered a white-collar crime in South Florida. It involves a process of someone intentionally attempting to defraud someone, or multiple people, by acquiring property through fraudulent means. The fraudulent means could involve giving false information or purposefully withholding information so that the person being defrauded doesn’t accurately understand the “bargain” taking place.

Florida statutes define a scheme to defraud as a “systematic, ongoing course of conduct” with the intent to defraud one or more people, with the intent to obtain property from the people by false and fraudulent pretenses, representations, promises or misrepresentations of a future act.

Property means anything of value, such as real property, personal property, services, and more. 

For a person to be found guilty of organized fraud or a scheme to defraud, the state must prove the following:

  • The defendant engaged in a systematic, ongoing course of conduct
  • The defendant intended to defraud one or more people OR intended to obtain property from one or more people
  • The act was fraudulent – meaning it was committed by false or fraudulent pretenses, representations, or promises or misrepresentations of a future act

Examples of Common Organized Scheme to Defraud Charges in South Florida

Attorney Glenn Roderman and his team represent clients facing any of the types of organized scheme to defraud charges in South Florida.

One of the most common schemes to defraud involves fraud schemes that use communication technology – such as emails, social media, chat rooms, text messages and more. The crime involves someone soliciting victims through technology, usually hiding their identity.

If anyone engages in a scheme to defraud and actually obtains property, they may be found guilty of an organized scheme to defraud crime under Florida Law.

Consequences and Penalties for Organized Scheme to Defraud Charges in Florida

Florida has very serious penalties for anyone convicted of an organized scheme to defraud crime.

The consequences of fraud schemes vary depending on whether the scheme was successful and the value of any obtained property.   

Possible Consequences for Organized Schemes to Defraud in South Florida  

  • Organized fraud is a first-degree felony in Florida if the property obtained by the violator has a total value of $50,000 or more
  • Organized fraud is a second-degree felony in Florida if the property obtained by the violator has a total value of $20,000 or more, but less than $50,000
  • Organized fraud is a third-degree felony in Florida if the property obtained by the violator has a total value of less than $20,000

Suppose a violator engages in a scheme to defraud and communicates with someone with the intent of carrying out the crime but doesn’t actually obtain any property. In that case, they may be found guilty of a third-degree felony or a first-degree misdemeanor.

As you can see from the consequences outlined above, being charged with an organized scheme to defraud crime in Florida is serious. If you actually obtained property, you are facing a felony charge. The level of the penalty depends on the value of the property you received.

Hiring a skilled Florida Organized Fraud criminal defense attorney is very important to protecting your rights and future.  

Organized Scheme to Defraud Defense Attorney in Fort Lauderdale & Boca Raton, Florida

Being charged with any type of crime can be overwhelming, especially when it involves your future and livelihood and comes with strict penalties. If you or a loved one are facing a scheme to defraud crime charges in South Florida, you’re in the right place.

Whether you’re facing a misdemeanor or a felony charge for an organized fraud crime, our criminal defense attorneys have the skills and expertise you need to fight for the best possible result in your organized fraud case.

Attorney Glenn Roderman and Attorney Philip Johnston have helped many people successfully overcome serious felony fraud charges in South Florida. When you hire the Glenn Roderman Law Firm, you get a skilled and compassionate team on your side to defend and fight for your rights.

Free Organized Scheme to Defraud Defense Consultation for Anyone Arrested for Organized Scheme to Defraud Crimes in South Florida

We’ve helped many people facing serious organized fraud charges in South Florida. We’re ready to fight for you to get the best possible outcome on your scheme to defraud or drug trafficking charge.

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