A defendant convicted of a misdemeanor or felony charge in the Superior Court after a trial is entitled to appeal the conviction. In an appeal, the higher court is being asked to review the original decision for any errors or misconduct that may have affected your case. You may be able to reverse your conviction.

Attorney Glenn Roderman has handled multi-issue complex appeals and cases before multiple Appellate Courts around Florida, as well as the Florida Supreme Court. I took aggressive action for people convicted of various offenses and facing lengthy prison sentences. I can review the circumstances of your trial and let you know if you qualify for an appeal. You can expect honest, professional counsel from start to finish.

Can I appeal my conviction?

While many decisions can be appealed, not everyone has the right to an appeal. if you pled guilty to the crime, you may not be eligible for an appeal. In most cases, only defendants who were convicted by a judge or jury in a trial have the right to appeal.

What are the steps to appeal?

An appeal to the Supreme Court must be filed within 20 days of the sentencing in the Superior Court. It generally cannot be filed late and it never may be filed more than 50 days after Superior Court sentencing.

I meticulously prepare for your appeal and look through every detail of your case. It is often the little details that can make or break an appeal petition.

What can I expect?

If a higher court finds merit in your appeal, then they may:

  • Reverse the conviction
  • Order a new trial, or
  • Reduce the sentence

If you are interested in pursuing a criminal appeal in Florida, do no hesitate to contact me. We can discuss your options and if your situation would benefit from an appeal.

What our clients say

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