Misdemeanor defense in Flordia requires the same attention to detail as a felony defense case. While the punishments for misdemeanors may be less severe than a felony case, Florida does have laws that can elevate a misdemeanor case to a felony status. While that scenario may not be impending in your case, failure to carefully understand the charges against you, and improperly planning or executing a sound defense strategy, can still cause you to spend time in jail, pay thousands in court costs and fines or, worse, leave you with a permanent criminal record when it may not be necessary.

Glenn R. Roderman has been defending clients charged in Florida’s criminal courts for over 41 years, making him one of the most enduring legal minds in South Florida. He has defended the rights of misdemeanor and felony clients across South Florida, and he has also represented the family members and friends of victims of crime.

Mr. Roderman’s unique qualifications and experience are only part of the reason you want him defending your case. His compassion will become apparent the moment you meet him, and Glenn’s ability to work closely with the prosecution to effect a satisfactory resolution to your case.


How Will My Case Be Resolved?

Of course, it is important to remember there is no guaranteed resolution to any criminal case, whether you are charged in Florida or elsewhere. What is certain is that you must have a sound legal advocate by your side when going into a courtroom, and Mr. Roderman is among Florida’s most trusted and experienced criminal defense attorneys.

Whether you are charged with a DUI, a petit theft, or facing an enhancement for multiple, previous misdemeanor cases, Glenn Roderman will work to achieve the best possible outcome for your case, within the given circumstances of your situation.

What our clients say

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