Misdemeanor Criminal Defense In Florida: Fort Lauderdale Criminal Defense Attorney

Misdemeanor defense in Flordia requires the same attention to detail as a felony defense case. While the punishments for misdemeanors may be less severe than a felony case, Florida does have laws that can elevate a misdemeanor case to a felony crime status. While that scenario may not be impending in your case, failure to carefully understand the charges against you, and improperly planning or executing a sound defense strategy, can still cause you to spend time in jail, pay thousands in court costs and fines or, worse, leave you with a permanent criminal record when it may not be necessary.

Glenn R. Roderman has been defending clients charged in Florida’s criminal courts for over 41 years, making him one of the most enduring legal minds in South Florida. He has defended the rights of misdemeanor and felony clients across all of South Florida, and he has also represented the family members and friends of crime victims.

Mr. Roderman’s unique qualifications and experience are only part of the reason you want him defending your misdemeanor case in Florida. His compassion will become apparent the moment you meet him, and Glenn’s ability to work closely with the prosecution to effect a satisfactory resolution to your case.

A photo of the Broward County Judicial complex where Criminal Defense Attorney Glenn Roderman will defend your misdemeanor criminal case

How Will My Misdemeanor Case Be Resolved?

Of course, it is important to remember there is no guaranteed resolution to any criminal case, whether you are charged with a misdemeanor crime in South Florida or elsewhere. What is certain is that you must have a sound legal advocate by your side when going into a courtroom, and Mr. Roderman is among Florida’s most trusted and experienced criminal defense attorneys.

Whether you are charged with a DUI, a petit theft crime, or are facing an enhancement for multiple, previous Florida misdemeanor crime cases, Glenn Roderman will work to achieve the best possible outcome for your case and your future.

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James Club Recovery
James Club Recovery
16:57 17 Jun 22
Glenn Roderman is an outstanding attorney that we highly recommend. His clients have had much success in our advocacy program. Glenn has referred individuals, that have struggled with substance abuse and or mental health issues, to James Club Recovery so that together, we could help them with their situations. By becoming success stories in our... program, Glenn was often able to get them favorable outcomes in their legal cases. Glenn cares very much about his clients and with his 50 years of experience as a lawyer, his skills are second to none. Glenn is one of the best lawyers in the country and we are so grateful to work with him.read more
Amber Davis
Amber Davis
21:54 24 May 22
After a year and a half of stress and worry, Glenn and his team got the DUI completely dropped! Words can’t express how grateful and relieved I am. Glenn for the win!
Carlos Rivero
Carlos Rivero
23:26 19 May 22
Glenn did an outstanding job on my case.. no conviction, no jail, no probation, no fines.. warrant set aside.. case over!! Thank you god bless u and your family.
Jim Brown
Jim Brown
23:24 16 Mar 22
This Is The BEST Lawyer I Ever Had Thus Far.A Well Determined Law Firm That’s Willing To Win For You. I Would Recommend Mr Glen And His Team To The World. They Are The BEST… Thanks A lot Guys!!!

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