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I have spent over 40 years of my law career in the criminal justice system, as a state prosecutor, judge and criminal defense attorney being professionally involved in thousands of cases in Florida. I can help you or a member of your family and/or friends through the very trying, stressful, and frustrating period of life that seems so serious and sometimes hopeless.

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18:31 10 Jan 19
Glenn Roderman is the absolute best criminal defense lawyer. He is well spoken, honest, calm and collected, detail-oriented, diligent, funny and friendly. I believe that Mr. Roderman upholds an excellent reputation in many of the courts (with officers, court officials, judges and prosecuting attorneys) and I am confident that there is not a better person to represent me for my present and any future needs. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!read more
William Armstrong
William Armstrong
09:31 26 Nov 18
Glenn Roderman is the absolute best! From the very beginning he made me feel that my case was the only one that had his attention. He told me what he would be able to do and he did exactly that! A case that was a nightmare from the beginning was resolved exactly how he said it would be. He was thorough, knowledgeable, personable and handled himself professionally in and out of court. Being from out of state and 1,000 miles away complicated my case and made logistics a nightmare but Glenn guided me step-by-step and made sure I was aware of what was happening and what would happen. He was in constant communication and made sure my questions were fully answered and explained. From day one, his secretary transferred my call directly to him and he went to work. He called/texted me updates regularly without me asking and made sure I knew how my case was going. He was always available via text, e-mail or by phone including nights and weekends. His secretary is on the ball and knew every particular about myself and my case. E-mails were responded to in less than ten minutes at all times. Glenn is a very humble man and doesn't come across as cocky or arrogant like most top lawyer's would. He speaks to you as if you are the only person that matters to him. I knew that Mr. Roderman was the absolute best from reviews and recommendations but did not realize the extent of how well-known and how incredible his reputation is until people went out of their way to approach him just to get 10 seconds of his time. Prosecutors, other attorneys and even Sheriff deputies made sure they had a chance to say hello to Glenn and ask him about his day/life. Even my prosecutor agreed to everything that Glenn asked for in my case without hesitation or rebuttal. To put it bluntly, this man was worth every penny of his hard earned fee. If your freedom/rights are ever on the line, the first and only thing that should be done is to call Glenn Roderman!read more
Jordan Spector
Jordan Spector
23:59 12 Aug 18
Glenn Roderman, I dont even know where to start! I am beyond grateful I met Glenn. He has proved himself as the best in his industry and is a very nice, genuine, caring individual. I met Glenn as a student in Flordia and we immeditley made a connection. Unfortunately, soon after meeting, a friend and I got into a funk after being drastically overcharged and accused of things we did not do. This was the scariest moment / multi month period of my life, I felt very hopeless. As soon as Glenn heard news of the trouble he stepped up to the plate no questions asked. After a long process Glenn pulled off what felt and still feels like a miracle. He attained what he set out to do and claimed he would do from the start of my prediciment. It was hard for me to beleive and trust the process at first but now I will never again doubt the power and impact Glenn has. He truly saved my future and life. Glenn is an amazing lawyer because of his knowledge and ability to communicate and relate to others. Even more importantly, Glenn is an amazing lawyer because of his overwhelming repuation and respect in the state of Florida. It didnt take long for me to notice how much experience Glenn has inside and outside of the courtroom. I could not have asked for a better result in a timlier fashion. I will never forget this and plan to contact and refer Glenn to anyone that requires a top notch lawyer. It doesnt matter the cost, Glenn will take care of you and make sure to bring justice and freedom to those that deserve it. Thank you again more
Tierney Duvall
Tierney Duvall
00:50 12 Apr 18
If you are looking for an experienced/knowledgeable attorney, contact Mr. Glenn Roderman ! Because of his hard work and dedication, my husband is a free man. Mr. Roderman is such a breath of fresh air. From the moment my husband and I met him, we felt confident in our decision. He is truly genuine. He really did the impossible!! Because of him, my family can remain a whole and my husband can continue to watch our children grow. I would recommend him a million and one more
Joseph Lynch
Joseph Lynch
23:29 21 Mar 18
Only attorney I would ever go to if I wanted to make sure I kept my freedom. Been going to him for over 10 years and he is the best. Worth every penny. Get to watch my kids grow up because of him. A truly genuine and caring man.
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  • ”By your skills and efforts, you have made this a very special and happy Thanksgiving. Thank you for all your help for Brian.“
  • ”You are one of my most trusted friends! Words alone cannot express the thanks and affection I have for you! You are one of the most genuine people that I had the pleasure of meeting.“
  • ”Thank you so very much for your counsel and guidance in helping our daughter through this difficult situation. We feel so blessed to have been introduced to you and your professionalism.“
  • ”Your masterful handling of my son Brett's serious legal issues, the strategies you employed and your wise counsel that resulted in the most satisfactory outcome imaginable, certainly qualify as one of those rare instances. “
  • ”Through all my trials and tribulations, you have always been empathetic towards my financial situation and demonstrated a high level of patience with me as one of your clients. Your experience and professionalism was very essential towards the outcome of my case.“
  • ”Every day since Raymond's release we have talked of what an incredible job you did for him. Your efforts, knowledge, experience, and determination has given him his life back and set him on the path to a successful future.“
  • ”We deeply and humbly appreciate the uncompromising, unyielding, and unequaled legal representation that was given to our case both during the pre-trial proceedings and post-sentencing Jubilation.“
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