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I was so glad I met with Lawyer Glenn Roderman he will fight for you and he so passionate about his job I can’t ask for a better lawyer for any case or you need a good lawyer to fight for you please reach out to him and his team they will do everything with their power to help you trust me you won’t disappointed

Alexandra Calixte

Glenn is amazing at what he does. Good communication and easy to work with.Got 8 of my charges dropped with no convictions what so ever. Amazing work.

Jahkyah Mcgill

Mr. Roderman is so good at what he does and made this experience a whole lot better. Whenever I need to speak to him he is always available. Thank you so much for your expertise and professionalism.

Olivia Acosta

Glenn Roderman is an outstanding attorney that we highly recommend. His clients have had much success in our advocacy program. Glenn has referred individuals, that have struggled with substance abuse and or mental health issues, to James Club Recovery so that together, we could help them with their situations. By becoming success stories in our program, Glenn was often able to get them favorable outcomes in their legal cases. Glenn cares very much about his clients and with his 50 years of experience as a lawyer, his skills are second to none. Glenn is one of the best lawyers in the country and we are so grateful to work with him.

James Club Recovery

After a year and a half of stress and worry, Glenn and his team got the DUI completely dropped! Words can’t express how grateful and relieved I am. Glenn for the win!

Amber Davis

Glenn did an outstanding job on my case.. no conviction, no jail, no probation, no fines.. warrant set aside.. case over!! Thank you god bless u and your family.

Carlos Rivero

This Is The BEST Lawyer I Ever Had Thus Far.
A Well Determined Law Firm That’s Willing To Win For You. I Would Recommend Mr Glen And His Team To The World. They Are The BEST… Thanks A lot Guys!!!

Jim Brown

Was recommended to Glenn From my family attorney. Was very pleased with the advice that he gave me. He saved me a lot of aggravation and money. All this with a phone. Would recommend this attorney for all legal needs Thank you sir

Greg Cerasani

Glenn Roderman is one of the preeminent criminal defense attorneys in the State of Florida. No matter the severity of the charge, nor the evidence allegedly stacked-up against you, Mr. Roderman will make sure to give you both his unprecedented legal advice, as well as the undivided attention to your case that you need for a successful outcome. This is why Glenn has been an outstanding member of The Florida Bar (as well as a former magistrate, state attorney and defense attorney), as well as a valuable and influential member of the South Florida judicial community. Glenn has helped hundreds of clients successfully move past their charges and onto successful lives. I have no doubt that should you trust him with your case, he will do the same for you. An excellent criminal defense attorney and even a better person.

Josh Howard

Mr.Roderman and his Team are a complete blessing and I’m beyond grateful. Mr.Roderman resolved my complex case that I have been going through with the utmost attentiveness and educated me as we moved forward always making sure I was well prepared and informed. Mr. Norris, Roderman’s assistant kept all of us on the same page communication wise and always got the job done. Mr. Roderman’s team is always prepared, determined and 100% defends and fights for their client to the fullest degree. Thank you for helping me get over and close a very hard chapter in my life and made it possible to move on, worry free.

Miss Haevan

It has been an honor and a privilege to have Mr. Roderman defend me during the most arduous events of my life. He provided impeccable legal counsel and educated me on the facts of my case and what was possible. He guided me to making the best choices and very kindly worked with me on payments. He is incredibly charming and a highly esteemed advisor. Retaining his services comes with the assurance he will pursue the best resolution possible for you. As he was a judge for many years, I could not have found a better lawyer or more loyal advocate. I cannot thank him or recommend him highly enough.

Michael Richards

I would like to thank you mr Glenn Roderman for his professionalism and effectiveness in the criminal area….in october 2021 i had an unpleasant situation where i requested his services and i am very happy with the results in less than 30 days we won the case his very efficient and experient ! thank you , highly recomend you MR GLEEN!

Daniela Arantes

Mr Roderman is a very caring, kind and knowledgeable attorney. He went above and beyond to help us reach the desired outcome. When the unexpected happens there is no one else I will trust but him. I don’t see him just as an attorney but as a friend also. He’s amazing.


First of all I want to say thank you Mr Roderman in helping me prove my innocence. You are truly a guardian to the community. I am forever thankful for what you have done for me and my family.to the people looking to hire criminal defense attorney…I will highly recommend to hire Mr Roderman. Mr Roderman was flexible with payments. He made it possible for me to pay which was suitable for me.He is very professional and influential attorney criminal defense attorney in South Florida. When I met him he showed me empathy and also told me clear expected outcomes of my case. He was able to dispose off my case before charges were being filed. He kept me updated throughout the process. I would highly recommend him for criminal defense cases. He is honest and straight forward person! thank you again for your services to the community and for me particular. You are the best!

Sikandar Lohani

Glenn R. Roderman has been one of South Florida’s top criminal defense attorneys for decades. As a colleague, I have the highest respect for his legal acumen, dedication, attention to detail and ethics. These are just a few of the reasons, Glenn has represented everyone from Myer Lansky to Michael Jordan’s family members. But Glenn doesn’t only represent the rich and famous. Many people are surprised to learn that he is a remarkably friendly, down to earth guy. The first time I spoke with him, he called me to ask about the client in a pro bono case I had taken on. He just cares about people. Don’t be fooled, though. Glenn is brutally quick in the courtroom and fiercely protective of his clients. His track record speaks for itself. He also has the respect of judges and senior prosecutors, having served in both roles himself. If you have a good case — or, perhaps more importantly, if you don’t — Glenn is the guy you want in your corner… To get to you, they are going to have to get through him.

Philip Johnston

I first met Glenn Roderman while I was a young prosecutor. Glenn was one of the most professional and effective defense attorneys I have ever encountered. Over the years I had many cases against Glenn. I always appreciated his honesty and his zealous defense of his clients. Over the years I learned so much from Glenn and he is truly a lawyers-lawyer. I have not practiced criminal law in many years so when I am asked for a referral to a criminal lawyer , I use every opportunity to refer clients to Glenn.

Larry Moskowitz

I’ve known Glenn Roderman for decades and know of him to be a champion for clients when they need him the most. Every one knows Glenn in legal circles in and around Fort Lauderdale and Broward County. He has been a Judge and a Prosecutor prior to his lengthy career as a criminal defense attorney. He knows all the judges and the prosecutors in Broward County know him on a first name basis. I can’t image other attorneys in Fort Lauderdale not knowing him or knowing of him. His influence extends into Palm Beach and Miami Dade county as well. He is a fearsome and tenacious trail attorney and is a savvy negotiator and a “Smooth Operator.” If you encounter rough sees Glenn is your Captain and will find for you course to calmer waters. When you need him Glenn will be there for you and with all the way. I more than highly recommend Attorney Glenn Roderman.

Carl Christy