The Sovereign Citizens Movement

Anthony Williams, a “Private Attorney General” not an Attorney

Today the United States Government is presented with the silent presence of “domestic terrorists,” The Sovereign Citizens Movement. This movement was founded in 1970 upon the anarchist belief that they are not subject to any federal, state or municipal statutes. Their purpose is to wage war against the government and other forms of authority using “paper terrorism” harassment and intimidation tactics, and occasionally resorting to violence. For instance, this group has been known to commit acts of fraud in in various courts, and with governmental licenses and paperwork, leading to frequent confrontations with various law enforcement officials.

As this group continues to grow they are trying to infect the United States Judicial System. A member of this group, Anthony Williams, calling himself a “Private Attorney General,” has been attempting to act as an attorney for a numerous defendants throughout the United States. However, Mr. Williams has neither attended law school, nor has he been admitted by the Board of Bar Examiners to practice law. When asked by Judges if he is an attorney Mr. Williams will argue his position with irrelevant and contradictory case law. This attempt to erode judicial principles and values is causing a mockery within the court system, as Mr. Williams continues his attempt to practice law without any form of legal education or certification and without prosecution. Furthermore, if this conduct is not stopped not only will the courts be subject to unnecessary delays and confusion, but common citizens looking for help will be subject to the harm and injustice our legislatures and government has worked so hard to prevent.