I would like to start this letter off by First Just saying Thank you. I can’t stress to you how grateful I am for everything you did for me. All of the phone calls you had to make on my behalf, all to the after hour visits you made to come and talk with me, putting up with all of myself and my girlfriend constantly calling and asking questions, and of course the amazing job you always did in court. I know it’s your job but my family and I really appreciate you and your Assistant and we will always refer anyone who’s in need of a lawyer to you. I know I haven’t quite paid you off entirely yet but I will. I feel like that’s the best money I will ever spend in my life paying you because you saved my life Glenn not once but twice and I will always be thankful for you. You and your secretary went above and beyond the regular duties of an attorney’s office so again from myself to the both of you I want to again say thank you. I appreciate everything and will be forever grateful. Hopefully I never need your services again unless it’s to try and get my probation early terminated. As a result of the great jobs you did I get a second chance at life and I promise to make the best of it. I will finish school and be something successful and you played a huge part in giving me a chance to do so. I wish you nothing but the best, you are the best lawyer I have ever seen and without you I would not be a free man nor have the opportunity to still do something good with my life so again Thank you Glenn, job well done. I am truly a satisfied and grateful client.


D. Wright-Johnson

Letter from D. Wright-Johnson