A Simple Question, But A Difficult Choice

Three Videos That May Shed Light On The Subject Of Criminal Trials

Making a decision about going to trial is often very difficult, and it usually means considering more than just whether or not you are innocent. There are times when it can be very prudent to accept a plea bargain, as hard as it may be to make that decision.

As Glenn Roderman explains in the following video, the evidence against a defendant may be difficult to overcome. A prior record may also be a big factor in making a decision about going to trial or accepting a plea.

Glenn Roderman Will Discuss Your Legal Options

The decision to go to trial is one you should discuss very thoroughly with your attorney. Glenn Roderman’s experience as a former prosecutor and judge helps him provide clients with a better insight about how a case might proceed. Obviously, no predictions about a verdict can ever be offered, but when the decision is made to go to trial, Mr. Roderman’s 40-plus years of experience will make a big difference.

But it is important to know that a trial can be a difficult process, especially for the accused. In this video segment, from The Spoken Law series, Glenn Roderman discusses some of the emotions that come into play when a defendant goes on trial.

Defending Against Overzealous Prosecutors

Sometimes a prosector, called a State Attorney in Florida, will be too focused on providing the maximum punishment for a crime without considering all of the evidence or facts of a case. Because prosecutors are human beings, and because these humans sometimes make unreasonable decisions, having a defense attorney who can confront these unreasonable prosectors is a vital cog in the defense machinery of your case.

Because of his experience as a prosecutor a judge, Mr. Roderman knows how to view a case from all angles and recommend various tactics to support a sound and appropriate defense strategy for your case, including handling situations involving an intractable prosecutor.

Listening To You And Discussing Your Options

Few defense attorneys in South Florida will be willing to take the time to listen to your concerns and answer your questions about the criminal process and trials. Mr. Roderman takes great care to make sure you are informed about each phase of your defense, including a possible trial, whenever that becomes necessary.

But there is one thing that is certain, the decisions you make about your criminal case must be vetted between you and your lawyer. When you understand your options, it may be a little easier to go through the criminal process. With an attorney like Glenn Roderman representing you, you have an advocate who will help you confront the nuances of the judicial system and deal with them as effectively as possible under the law!