An arrest can be embarrassing, stressful, and affect future employment opportunities. Finding your booking photo online can make matters worse. Even if the charges are later dropped, the mugshot is still online. These photos and associated information are considered public record even if the individual bonds out or is released from jail. We work with a company that helps with the Removal of Mugshots and Negative Internet Content.

Does an expungement delete a mugshot?

Unfortunately, an expungement does not delete a mugshot online. It is recommended that people move forward with the expungement together with the mugshot removal. Expunged and sealed cases are confidential by Florida statute and therefore the company, agency, and search engines are required to remove any trace of your arrest.

But unless you take action, your mugshot will appear on a Google search for years to come even with an expungement, negatively impacting future employment, loans, housing, and more.

Are mugshot removal websites reliable?

No. Mugshot websites are extortionist companies, demanding a high fee for a mugshot removal. Hiring a lawyer to remove your mugshots from the internet provides you with a level of confidence that unlicensed an unregulated websites cannot.

Working with a lawyer ensures that your information is kept confidential and not shared with other mugshot websites. An attorney can write a demand letter stating the reasons for requesting the removal and the legal ramifications of leaving the mugshot online. In the instances where your criminal case has been dismissed or if the information on that is published is inaccurate, demand letters can be very effective.

Call me, Attorney Glenn Roderman, for a free consultation. I will sit down with you and review your situation to determine your best course of action to remove your mugshot.

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Philip Johnston
Philip Johnston
22:15 27 Nov 21
Glenn R. Roderman has been one of South Florida's top criminal defense attorneys for decades. As a colleague, I have the highest respect for his legal acumen, dedication, attention to detail and ethics. These are just a few of the reasons, Glenn has represented everyone from Myer Lansky to Michael Jordan's family members. But Glenn doesn't only... represent the rich and famous. Many people are surprised to learn that he is a remarkably friendly, down to earth guy. The first time I spoke with him, he called me to ask about the client in a pro bono case I had taken on. He just cares about people. Don't be fooled, though. Glenn is brutally quick in the courtroom and fiercely protective of his clients. His track record speaks for itself. He also has the respect of judges and senior prosecutors, having served in both roles himself. If you have a good case -- or, perhaps more importantly, if you don't -- Glenn is the guy you want in your corner... To get to you, they are going to have to get through more
Larry Moskowitz
Larry Moskowitz
15:57 22 Nov 21
I first met Glenn Roderman while I was a young prosecutor. Glenn was one of the most professional and effective defense attorneys I have ever encountered. Over the years I had many cases against Glenn. I always appreciated his honesty and his zealous defense of his clients. Over the years I learned so much from Glenn and he is truly a... lawyers-lawyer. I have not practiced criminal law in many years so when I am asked for a referral to a criminal lawyer , I use every opportunity to refer clients to more
Megan Ehrhart
Megan Ehrhart
13:45 31 Oct 21
If you’re in need of a criminal defense attorney in the Fort Lauderdale (or south Florida!) area, I highly recommend Glenn Roderman PA. Glenn is compassionate, kind, and goes the extra mile for his clients. I know Glenn in a professional capacity and have been amazed by the results he’s gotten his clients & love to see how appreciative his clients... are for the results he gets but also for way he cares for them.If you need a criminal defense attorney, give Glenn a call! His former experience as a prosecutor and judge is also a huge advantage.His office offers free consultations and is also easy to get to and has ample free parking!read more
Jessica Coachman
Jessica Coachman
14:51 30 Sep 21
Mr Roderman is the best out there very genuine an caring me an my sister will be forever greatful for what he did with her case he gave us hope an he delivered 5 stars isn't enough i would give a billion if i could please don't hesitate to call him you will not be disappointed ❤ 💜 💙

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