Glenn Roderman’s take on the Bill Cosby case.

It’s hard not to turn on the news and hear a broadcast with something new regarding Bill Cosby’s legal issues. It’s also hard to imagine that “Mr. Pudding Pop” and the ultimate family man could assault more than 50 women.

The issue of sexual assault stirs up a lot of emotions, are usually very complex, and often hard to prove. In addition, the cases against Mr. Cosby are more controversial than most cases of this type.

One of his many accusers, Andrea Constand, age 43, alleges that in 2004 Mr. Cosby drugged her and sexually molested her. After a 10-year civil case, the same alleged victim settled for an undisclosed sum.

In 2015, the Constand v Cosby case was reopened when a judge in Montgomery County, PA, ruled at a preliminary hearing that there is sufficient evidence for prosecutors to proceed with their case against Mr. Cosby.

Regardless of the Statute of Limitations or the verbal immunity deal that allegedly occurred between Mr. Cosby and the previous District Attorney, the sealed testimony in the civil case could possibly be used in the criminal case.

The current prosecutor claimed in a public arena that, if he was elected District Attorney, he would prosecute Cosby to the fullest extent of the law.

Many criminal defense attorneys, like myself are very interested in how this case progresses through the Philadelphia court system because so many issues could be appealed down the “blind road of justice”.