Dear Glenn,

Again, I come to you in dire straits. Unfortunately, I have again crossed swords with the mighty establishment to my determent. I came to you frightened and distressed. Thank the Lord there is a Glenn Roderman, Counselor supreme. In your psychological approach, you listened and then calmly outlined the legal pro and con approaches. Even though some of the cons were difficult to accept, still you gave me confidence that a beneficial outcome will be achieved.

Your sincerity and compassion gave me considerable encouragement and relief. However, in our talks you made me realize that I had to own-up to my responsibilities, not only to myself, but to the formidable establishment, my parents and you. I owe you an enormous debt. If not for your professional skills influential contacts, my life, present and future would be very unpleasant. I’m following your advice religiously, adhering to the establishment’s requirements and instructions. I’ve noticed and people have commented that my whole demeanor and physical appearance has changed for the better.

Glenn, we meet people throughout our lives that have that resounding effect on us. In my life, you are and always will be the guiding light that influences my thoughts and actions. I hope I have matured to understand that I must control my impulses and give greater thought to my actions. Your help and guidance have given me a new lease on life which I shall heed with tenacious resolve.

I and my parents thank you and your staff for your professional help and warm consideration. May we be forever friends. Thank you.

Your indebted client,

G. Duchan

Letter from G. Duchan