Dear Glenn,

On behalf of the three of us we want to say a big THANK YOU for everything you did for us. Words seem inadequate to even begin to express our appreciation and gratitude for your excellent work, support, and kindness in helping Raymond.

You are truly one in a million! A gentleman, a man of your word, and one really great lawyer. I am not sure what we did to have the good fortune of finding you, but somebody up there must be looking out for us!

Every day since Raymond’s release we have talked of what an incredible job you did for him. Your efforts, knowledge, experience, and determination has given him his life back and set him on the path to a successful future.

In our lives, we have tried to live the mantra that a man should stand for a set of ideals, that his word should carry with it the promise of completion, and that he should not break that word for anyone. You are such a man and we are proud to call you our friend, but prouder that you call us your friends.

We are men who have built our lives trading on friendships and believe that the richest men are not those with money but those with friends. Every four to eight years we elect a new President in this country. At the time of his inauguration he then appoints all his friends to his Cabinet. These people, his friends, now become among the most powerful people in the world. You cannot buy one of those appointments for all the money in the world. Friendship is the price of that appointment. Know that you have three friends in Fort Lauderdale and that you can call on us at any time you feel that we may be of service to you either on a personal or professional basis. There is nothing to minor or large in scope that you can’t ask of us, and we mean nothing.

Your friends,

Big Al, Kevin, Raymond

Letter from Big Al, Kevin, Raymond