Attorney Roderman,

My name is Laura. I am writing this letter as a thank you for saving my [husband]. Adam Sandoval and I had married one year ago and were coming upon our anniversary when he brought a loaded pistol to the airport in his carry on bag. Adam travels often for work and had become slightly complacent in his traveling and did not notice the gun in his carry on backpack.

This was a felony crime that could have given Adam a felony charge and sent him to jail. This would have been extremely devastating to our young family.

By hiring you to represent us our life has not changed, and we are on track to purchasing our country home in FL.

After taking your advice and acting fast the end result was that the state did not even press charges. We realise having a seasoned, well-connected attorney as yourself is the only reason this charge was stopped dead in its tracks. We could not have dreamed of an outcome this amazing!

We took your advice attorney Roderman, and by following your advice to the tee you were able to stop the state from pressing the charges. You are truly a caring understanding attorney that will stop at no lengths to represent your clients best interest. Your experience and dedication has changed yet another life.

My family could not be any happier that we chose Attorney Roderman to represent us. When dealing with the law only the best will do, lucky for us we had the best!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Laura S.
Lee County, Florida

Letter from Laura S.