Testimonial of a legal defense in FLOnce in a great while there comes a time when even the sincerest “Thank you” is totally inadequate.

Your masterful handling of my son Brett’s serious legal issues, the strategies you employed and your wise counsel that resulted in the most satisfactory outcome imaginable, certainly qualify as one of those rare instances.

In court I was deeply impressed by your rapport with the presiding judge and even with the prosecutor. Your presentation of a very difficult case and well, yes…even your body language in the courtroom that day left no doubt to the onlooker that indeed you are in your element when battling in the nooks and crannies of Florida’s convoluted legal system.

I also want to compliment you on your selection of Sharon Mullane as a key member of your team. Kudos to Sharon as well for her invaluable input in helping to achieve the desired result.

Glenn, when Brett and I first walked into your office we were strangers. We left feeling like family. Throughout the case your heartfelt concern – not just as an attorney, but as a friend – was welcome and reassuring. Brett, his brothers, my wife, and I and our entire family are, and always will be, deeply in your debt for what you have accomplished.

May G-D continue to bless you and yours.

With warmest personal regards,

S. Fields
Fort Lauderdale

Letter from S. Fields