RE: D. McAnuff

Hi Glenn,

I know it has taken me exactly a year to write you a letter. I think that it has taken me that long just to absorb what really happened last year. The first case was frightening, I felt lost and alone when Durval was arrested. When I met you that first morning of his arraignment, I knew I found the perfect attorney. Not only did you make me feel relieved but also very comfortable in talking to you and letting you know exactly what had taken place. You had already arranged for Wayne the bondsman to be in court with us and had everything in control. I didn’t believe in the justice system in this country. When you put me on the stand at the bail hearing, t was petrified, but when it was over I was so confident that I had chosen the perfect lawyer to represent Durval. I guess in not believing in the justice system, you have to have faith in your attorney, which did.

When Durval was arrested the next month, I knew he was in trouble, but I also knew that I had the best attorney in South Florida to represent him.

Glenn, you and Yanna made such a difference in our lives and there are no words to express the gratitude in helping us. I have already recommended you and will continue to do so if asked. I hope that you continue to make all the difference in many people’s lives like you did in ours. Thank you so much once again.


J. McAnuff

Letter from J. McAnuff