Thanks very much for speaking to George about my practice.

While George is quite correct, that I have preferred to develop a mostly-Civil practice, I have, nevertheless, been fortunate enough to encounter a number of matters, in which a Defendant or Subject seeks to “cooperate” with the U.S. Department of Justice, and he/she or their attorneys require the services of a former Federal Prosecutor, of long experience and for whom the doors remain open, to help develop and maximize the potential benefits of the relationship.

In this respect – ironically – the fact that I do not practice criminal defense on a regular basis, is perceived as an advantage for the client, rather than a disadvantage. Moreover, I continue to have a certain relationship with one of the agencies which also enables me, occasionally, to be of some assistance to both the “cooperating” client and the Department.

I am very pleased to have finally met you, after hearing so much about your own quite remarkable practice from several other of your clients. Truly, your accomplishments are often described by your clients in a most remarkable manner. In addition to George and Adele, I’ve also known Ralph Capone and his family, and a number of your other clients for many years, and I will tell you, quite frankly, that I have never heard the accomplishments of another attorney – no matter how profound the success – described in quite the same glowing terms with which your clients recount yours.

I hope very much that we will be able to speak again, in the not too distant future. And, I hope that the enclosed materials may be of interest to you, Certainly, I would be very pleased, if I could ever be of assistance to you. Thank you very much again for your interest.

Yours Sincerely,

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Letter from EDWARD A. HANNA Jr., P.A.