Team Roderman,

I am writing you this letter on my home computer. A feat that before I hired the team Roderman, would have been unthinkable.

I have had arrest after arrest for drugs. I have had probation violation after probation violation. I have had attorney after attorney.

While I first came to your office, I was scared to choose Glenn Roderman, because I had been talking to other lawyers and using other lawyers, who all had a song and dance, but never helped me out of anything except my hard earned money!

Glenn had no song and dance, only quiet, serene, possible solutions…he even suggested that I use another law firm that I thought were good!…but he also impressed me so much that I could not, so he suggested that I hire both firms!

I will say that Glenn blew the other law firm away without breaking a sweat, and when I was arrested again for drugs there was no hesitation…team Roderman.

Today my life is beyond my wildest dreams…I have been off drugs for more than a year, I have a nice home, a new vehicle, and the ability to do things like build this computer from scratch!!

I would ask that you put this letter up in your office so that anyone standing in it will be able to read it.

Your law firm has gone beyond what six (6!!!) previous law firms considered their duty, and Team Roderman had no hidden, all of a sudden we need more money requests, with no reason. Nikki was always there when I called up freaked about something, and always found the time to calm me or distraught family members down.

Glenn had a plan of attack, which I followed. And these solutions, the result of which, has ben away from the people I used drugs and alcohol with, in a new and improved environment, and living the life everyone is supposed to live.

Sincerely and deeply, grateful

Robert C. R.

Letter from Robert C. R.