Approaching Each Case Individually

Felony defense requires careful preparation, planning and even a little bit of good timing. A felony criminal charge is a very serious matter, regardless of whether you are dealing with a first degree, second degree or third degree felony case. That is why it matters to have the most experienced and effective defense lawyer at your side.

Glenn R. Roderman

Glenn R. Roderman

Your Case Is The Most Important Case

Your case is as important to Mr. Roderman as it is to you, and that is why your criminal defense will be handled with the personal and assiduous attention to detail you demand. Whether you are accused of a third-degree grand theft or a first-degree murder. Glenn R. Roderman has helped thousands of defendants in Florida, carefully examining the facts of each case, preparing various defense contingencies, and meticulously defending his clients’ rights in courts of law across South Florida, from Key West to Miami, Fort Lauderdale to Boca Raton, and north to West Palm Beach.

Most importantly, your case will be treated with the unique attention it must have for the best possible resolution. We approach each case individually, and that means learning the facts of the charges against you, getting thoroughly acquainted with your personality and with your life situation, your career, and working with the State Attorney’s Office to produce a result as quickly and as favorable to you as we can.

What Kind Of Case Result Can I Expect?

Of course, not all cases will result in charges being dismissed or a not-guilty verdict at trial. We can not realistically offer any such guarantee, and we strongly encourage you to be leary of any attorney who claims to produce any specific result in your criminal case. What we do guarantee is this: When you hire Glenn R. Roderman, you are gaining the experience, competence and passion of an attorney who is among the most qualified and respected of Florida’s criminal defense lawyers, and one who will fight to defend your rights.