Florida Law Video Series Reaches Thousands Of Viewers

Glenn R. Roderman’s recently-completed video series, The Spoken Law, reached more than 20,000 visitors on Facebook after being posted on Glenn’s Facebook page during August and September. The 14-part series was recorded in Glenn’s Fort Lauderdale law offices in late July and edited into the 14 shorts. The first videos, which discussed criminal defense strategy, case law, criminal procedures and trials, went online July 28.

The videos feature Glenn being interviewed by AP Award-winning journalist Danny Pryor, a former reporter for Miami’s Newsradio 610 WIOD and a CBS Radio freelancer. The interview lasted nearly an hour and featured frank discussions about the history of crime, criminal defense, personal liberties, prosecution strategy, the personalities of judges and the tragic circumstances of people in and out of jails in South Florida and across the United States.

“I love once I get in a trial, [and] I say, ‘Okay, fine. Now you’ve pushed my buttons. Now we’re going to see who’s got what.”

The very first video, When To Go To Trial, kicked off the series. Glenn was very direct about when he recommends a client take his case to trial, which he admits is not always recommended. “Well obviously you make that decision knowing the state’s offer is just unreasonable; it’s just unacceptable,” Glenn said.

Recommending a trial to a client, Glenn said, is often going to bring up a plethora of feelings for the defendant. “I’ve never yet seen a person who was not highly emotional and sensitive about a trial,” he said. “It’s a big risk. It’s like going to surgery for someone that’s got a medical problem.”

Risky or not, Glenn, in Part IX of the series, said he never shies away from an opportunity to tear down a prosecution case. “I love once I get in a trial, [and] I say, ‘Okay, fine. Now you’ve pushed my buttons. Now we’re going to see who’s got what,” he said.

The entire video series is currently being adapted for Glenn Roderman’s YouTube channel and is also being added to this website, and may be accessed starting during October under the Video & Media tab.

Briefly About Glenn R. Roderman

Glenn Roderman has been a practicing attorney in Florida for over 40 years. He began his career as a Florida State Attorney and later became a defense attorney, defending clients charged under organized crime statutes. He has successfully defended thousands of clients and crime victims, and he is considered one of the most experienced criminal defense lawyers in South Florida.